28/400 304 Stainless Steel Pump

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12 Stainless Steel Pumps





exclusive product

Stainless Pump Lid
For way more than just soap!
Great For:
*shampoos *conditioners *face cleansers *lotions *bath products *body wash *liquid laundry detergents and softeners *toothpaste *coffee syrups
 Each Lid Includes:
One Stainless Steel Pump Lid
Neck Size:  28/400
Straw Length: 6.5" / 15.5cm
How We Source Our Products:
We Choose Local First
Canada Second
North America Third
If we do not find items that are of the quality we require we go overseas.
We use manufactures that are monitored by a third party for compliance with FDA standards.
Parts are Consciously Manufactured in China.

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