Straws - Selling Tips

Our reusable straws have been successfully tested online, at markets, and in stores.


Ideas to Get the Most Sales:

General Store - These guys do great at tills!  They are super easy to grab and add to an order while waiting for the order to be wrung through.

Store Serving Drinks (smoothie/juice bars, cafés, etc.) -  When serving a drink give the customer the option to upgrade to a reusable straw they can keep :)

Restaurants - Serve your beverages with the reusable straw.  The server informs the customer that if they would like to keep their straw it will be added to the check at the end of the meal.


We have found that it is super easy to upsell the straw brushes simply by asking, "Do you need a straw brush?"  We have found that a large percentage of people that buy the straws will buy straw brushes as well.